Use NOODP Meta Tag to Remove ODP Descriptions

Open Directory Project (ODP) also known as Dmoz is a wonderful directory of sites maintained by volunteer human editors. Many search engines like Google, MSN etc. derive site descriptions from those posted for the site in the ODP. Lately webmasters wanted more control to prevent ODP / Dmoz derived snippets from appearing in search results for their sites.

Earlier MSN has supported a NOODP meta tag which webmasters could add in their website html code and template and prevent search engines from not using the DMOZ site snippet.

Now Google has supported the NOODP meta tag which is a major step.

You simply add the following NOODP meta tag to your webpages.


To direct Google specifically from using this information, add this


Your search listing will not update immediately. Once Google recrawls your pages and refreshes the index, you should see updated snippets. With Google supporting this tag, it provides webmasters with more control over your website descriptions. But you can always get your ODP description corrected by sending feedback to the editor of the category in which your site is listed.

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