How to Remove Arrows, Icons From Adsense Ads

Do you want to remove arrows, icons, logos, favicons, from Adsense ads? Do you want the same clean appearance of your Adsense text ads before Adsense team introduced these enhanced text ads with large gray arrows and now recently pushing advertiser icons to attract more attention to ads?

Google Adsense very often tests new features (like the collapsible units or Twitter ad units)  and pushes them across all websites once they confirm that it leads to better CTR and a better user experience. But many webmasters might feel the clickable arrows (called Nessie!) and the multicolored favicons are obtrusive and might have difficulty in blending with their site design. So how can you remove these so called ‘Enhanced text ads‘.

This is a screenshot of how cluttered Adsense ads become. This is after we remove +1 buttons from the Adsense ads.

adsense arrows

Remove Adsense Arrows

If you login to you Google dashboard > Allow & Block Ads > Ad Serving – You will find a new option to disable these ‘Enhanced text ads’ Simply click it off and you will get the same older text ads without arrow, icons and advertiser images.

enhanced text ads

Note this will only affect text ads and not image ads which anyway fill the whole ad unit. However, you might need to check your CTR carefully after disabling this feature as arrows and colored favicons draw user attention to the ads and might encourage more clicks (so it might or might not be a good idea based on your site design).

What I would have preferred is a separate option to disable arrows and a different one to disable icon images. After all I might like the arrows, but not the icons. They might add this option if there is enough publisher demand for this feature. Also remember to use the new Adsense Async script for faster ad delivery.

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