Run Firefox in Windows 95 and 98 Original Release

Firefox is rapidly gaining as a popular web browser. However, there are still many people using Windows 95, though Microsoft no longer provides support for this version. Yet several of my friends have Windows 95 and want to run firefox.

I checked the system requirements for Firefox which shows that you require minimum Windows 98. Then a Spread Firefox article pointed me to the solution. shows how to Run Firefox in Windows 95 (and Windows 98 original release) and says much of their tips apply to other Mozilla applications like Thunderbird as well and despite installer issues, Firefox actually does work well when running under Windows 95.

They provide step-by-step instructions for getting things working, and there are several things you need to do like Update your Common Controls Library, Apply the Winsock 2 Update for Windows 95, apply the Microsoft Libraries Update for Windows 95 or for Windows 98, downloading a standard Firefox installer and so on…

They say you may find that your mouse scroll wheel doesn’t work with Firefox, even though it works in other programs and show how to fix it. Remember Mozilla Firefox’s uninstaller no longer appears to work under Windows 95 and they teach you how to manually uninstall Firefox if you wish to.

To enjoy all features of Firefox, I suggest you upgrade Windows, not only is it faster but more secure too. Download Windows Vista and experience the power of the new generation windows. Try the Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor to see if your PC is ready for Windows Vista…

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