The Milestones : Crossing 3 Years with 1 Million Users is possibly the most popular social bookmarking tool on the web. Its popularity can be assessed by the number of “Add to” links seen across thousands of blog posts in the blogosphere. I have been particularly interested in tracking its development because I started a regularly updated absolutely tools collection since the last 1.5 years which I still update, and was my first slashdotted post and all time most popular link on for quite some time (till I switched to WordPress).

Recently turned 3 years old. From its early days with Joshua Schachter, Yahoo acquired and has definitely taken it to the next level. Now has passed the mark of 1 million registered users and they have tripled the number of users they had just nine months ago. You can join the birthday bash at Yahoo! HQ, Sunnyvale, CA, California on October 3.

I think the most important feature they introduced was private bookmarking. This enabled you to mark your personal links as private and block bookmark sharing with the world. Another important development was the ability to import your browser favourites and bookmarks into, thus allowing easy management of all your bookmarks.

Someone even organized a $100 bookmarking contest to gain popularity and Calcanis had even offered to pay top users $1000 per month to bookmark for Netscape…

If you have not tried, try it today. It is the best online bookmarkling system out there.

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