Who Earns the Highest Google Adsense Income?

While your blog loaded with Google adsense ads makes a miserly few dollars over the week, some top Adsense publishers are laughing their way the bank with thousands of adsense dollars per month… Have you often wondered who these top Adsense millionaires to be are?

John Chow has an article listing the top 8 Google Adsense earners. Top of his list is Markus Frind of PlentyOfFish.com, a free online dating site which earns him $300,000 per month. Plentyoffish.com receives up to 500 million page views per month and make over $10,000 per day for Markus, who runs the site from home.

adsense cheque

Look at his adsense cheque. And you thought dating and romance site were low paying niches due to low priced keywords. The ads there do not even resemble that of a premium adsense publisher.

Second on the list is Kevin Rose of the very popular Digg.com earning huge money with $250,000 per month. Jeremy Shoemaker is a search engine marketer at ShoeMoney who follows with $140,000 per month.

Jason Calacanis of Weblogs, Inc. is earning $120,000 per month. He finally got his network of blogs making over $4,000 a day from Google AdSense. I remember he was making $2000 per day a year back and were on track to earn a million adsense dollars in a year!

Read the article to check out more adsense millionaires. I am sure there are many more top Adsense publishers who chose stay anonymous and quietly stack their millions of dollars in the bank. I wonder how much adsense income tax they pay…

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41 comments on “Who Earns the Highest Google Adsense Income?

  1. Prash says:

    Well, i guess @ this rate, you shall reach them soon…All the Best!

  2. adsense says:

    I am working on it…

  3. love says:

    The question lies whether it’s sustainable. I don’t think it’s.I bet plentyoffish is not making that much from adsense right now. I see it’s alexa rank slipping.

  4. Nagalakshmi says:

    Hi Friends, This site telling about highest Adsense earners. But I am just start my steps towards becomming one of them. Please visit my website and give me your suggestions at: http://www.chillicious.com

  5. sitco says:

    i wish if i was making that kind of money

  6. Vienna says:

    wow, that’s inspiring but at the same time intimidating. do we as newbies, still have a chance to earn that much or even a quater of their earnings?

  7. Yogesh says:

    I think peoples who are working from years n years with google are earning more

  8. Jan says:

    Cool. With $1100 per month I now know what to do in order to get listed in such list :) . I started with adsense nearly 3 years ago. Actually 2 years and 4 months. I can’t wait how much it’s going to be after another 1-2 years as I am investing a lot these months.

    ROI looks promising :) .

  9. raul says:

    this motivates me a lot. my $1000+ cheques are at display @ http://www.earncashfromgoogle.blogspot.com
    keep motivated and dats da mantra behind sucess.

  10. ramya says:

    that unbelievable, its a big fortune, i have just started on adsense, i just want somebody to give me some suggestions on my site

  11. Did You Know? says:

    hope i can be one of them someday. wah! hehe

  12. Jayakumar says:

    I am verymuch appreciate who is earning that much money from Google Adsense.

  13. bigho says:

    Are they not just liar?

  14. Dinesh K Takyar says:

    I’ve been working on google adsense for quite some time. My website is in the top 5 for the keyword ‘excel training’ but I make pennies per day only. I’m offering free Excel training using good quality videos on my website. I find your write-up quite motivating. Thanks.

  15. James says:

    Great article, thanks for the advice will definitely look at it for my next project.

  16. Niranjan Ranade says:

    Very inspiring article here. Adsense requires common-sense. Quality and quantity – both are important. Most people ignore value addition and try to buy ads. Well, I am sure most of the top earners generate valuable content & attract search engine traffic like magnets. That’s the way to follow :)

  17. Masudur Rahman says:

    Exactly when earns highest mony?

  18. Masudur Rahman says:

    very good. but i want to know when it earned.

  19. Mike says:

    thanks for sharing….this shocks me! Why can’t my site earn this!

  20. Aashiart says:

    Excellent… But Good SEO is required for that, No?

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