Who is the World’s Oldest Blogger?

Are you the oldest blogger? Everyone has a blog. With over 57 million blogs, all ages of bloggers from kids to senior citizens are blogging about their lives and topics of interest. Who is the Worlds oldest blogger?

Out of curiosity I searched around to find there are several 80+ aged bloggers like Millie Garfield and many more at the Ageless Project.

The most popular oldest blogger is a 92-year-old blogger named Donald Crowdis (former host of the Candadian TV program The Nature of Things). His blog is called Don To Earth where “A Nonagenarian (90+) Ponders Life, the Universe, and Aging”. Even Boing Boing thinks so.

And then I found a more older blogger…
Allan Loof, aged 94 years, from Sweden seems to be the worlds oldest blogger! And the message on top of the blog is that Any blogger who is older than me hasn’t made contact yet.  Do you know the oldest blogger in the world? Tell us in comments and spread the word.

Update: It seems Olive Riley is the now the oldest blogger 108 years old, blogging away at The Life of Riley.

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