Google Gifts Digital Photo Frame to Top Adsense Publishers

You know how much Google Adsense likes to keep its publishers happy. After all they bring in top business revenue to them. Google usually sends christmas gifts to its top adsense publishers. In the past, some top Google Adwords users got a Google mini fridge and Adsense MTV video ad testers got lava lamps.

This year the Google adsense christmas gift seems to be a Digital Photo Frame as reported in the Webmaster World forums.

* 3.6 inch TFT digital photo frame
* 960 x 240 TFT screen, 16 mega-color
* Picture: JPG format
* Audio: MP3, WMA, WAV and records WAV itself
* Video: ASF only
* Media: Internal memory and SD card, comes with sample slideshow in memory
* USB 1.1 interface
* Power: 4 AA batteries or USB 5V or AC/DC power adapter

Google digital photo frame

And here are the pictures of the digital photo frame, the Google Adsense christmas gift 2006. I wonder what are the Adsense earnings above which you become eligible for a gift from Google, but it sure is a nice gesture.

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