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I have been using this amazing tool called MyBlogLog for over a year on my blog. It started as an excellent free tool to track your outgoing clicks to see where your traffic actually goes, and other site statistics software soon followed the idea. They created another buzz when they offered free MyBlogLog Pro subscriptions to Feedster’s Top 500 blogs.

My interest was recently drawn to another wonderful feature they developed sometime back called MyBlogLog Communities and I created my blog community too. Many popular bloggers are now actively featuring the MyBlogLog widget or Reader rolls on their blogs to display their readers. Every blogger can get a profile, list their blogs, develop a community around their blog, add contacts/fans, and display widgets on their blogs to share their visitors. Now they added support for MySpace pages too.

Join the Quick Online Tips Community. You can add me as a contact.

A new WordPress plugin MyAvatars can show MyBlogLog avatars in your comments instead of Gravatars even if you’re not subscribed to MyBlogLog.

Still, waiting? Read the complete guide to MyBlogLog(ging) to learn more. MyBlogLogs is growing rapidly, with 40000 registered users, 3,658 Sites with Reader Rolls nearly doubling every month, and nearly 10,000 communities. List your blog and develop your very own community. It’s getting popular enough, and Yahoo might acquire MyBlogLog someday…

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