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Recently I have been hooked on to the Robert Scoble famous Link Blog. He reads through hundreds of feeds and shares interesting (and many) articles across multiple top blogs to get you the best around the blogosphere. If you can manage your feeds as fast as he can, get his shared items on your Google Reader.

Robert Scoble shares the top 40 blogs that he links to the most on the link blog, with the numbers of times they were shared items from that feed. On top comes digg / Technology (71) followed by Mashable! (62), Technology, Business, Media, and News Podcasts (61), MSDN Blogs (53) and TechCrunch (53).

He shares his Google Reader trends which show he is subscribed to 483 feeds and over the last 30 days has read over 25,000 items and shared 1,657 items.

Yuvi went ahead and analysed the link blog with some detailed statistics.

“He made a total of 4036 posts, in just 82 days! That gives us an average of 49.2 posts a day! That is quite a bit, but then you cant really use the word “post” here. A Post in his main blog means he comes across something postworthy, links to it and tells us what he thinks of it, whereas a link here just means that he found a link interesting enough to be posted. So, his LinkBlog is more like a delicious account than a true blog.”

Of course you need Google Reader to subscribe to it. You could read the articles direct from the link blog and keep clicking “see more”, but subscribing works much faster and is the recommended way. Google reader is my news aggregator of choice anyway. Google Reader lets you share subscribed articles with one click and create your own link blog easily. Till then digest more feeds with the Robert Scoble Link Blog!

Update: You can subscribe the link blog in any news aggregator. Its not a Google Reader only feature. Though Google reader does not provide a feed link, you can add the link blog url (most RSS aggregators allow you to add the blog or feed url). Thanks to Mike for suggesting this in comments.

Update: Here is the feed of the link blog. Thanks to the Firefox RSS icon.

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