Batch Categories WordPress Plugin : Bulk Edit Your Categories

This is the latest wordpress plugin I am playing with. Want to power edit your categories in a flash? Still editing category allocation to each blog post manually? I found this lesser known amazing wordpress plugin called Batch Categories that will sort out your WordPress categories in bulk instantly. This WordPress plugin lets you batch edit categories that is, assign multiple posts to a category, or delete multiple posts from a category, in one quick go.

Installation is easy. Simply upload the batch-categories folder to your wp-content/plugins folder, activate the plugin in the admin panel, and that’s it. The administration screen itself is at Manage > Batch Categories. They strongly recommend you back up your wp_post2cat table before doing anything rash with this plugin.

I have been looking for such a plugin ever since I switched from Blogger to WordPress. Though the blogger import was easy, I was left with hundreds of posts in the uncategorized / miscellaneous category and had to manually go through each post to allot a category. This would have been easy had I found batch categories before.

Even now when I create a new category and need to allot that category to multiple posts, I need to do it manually. This plugin will do that job in seconds. Truly amazing! I wonder why it is not incorporated in WordPress by default. Maybe I should suggest this.

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Update: WP-Cats is another WordPress plugin that aids in mass category management. WP-Cats augments the Manage Posts screen with Ajax controls that allow two-click adding and single-click removing of categories from individual posts.

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