Windows Vista Coach Tour : Vista Demos on Road Trip

Windows Vista Coach Tour is on from 16-24 January. A custom-wrapped Windows Vista bus will be on a road trip to visit major cities on the East coast of the United States like Nashville, Lexington, Cincinnati etc.

The coach custom design will be based on the Windows Vista “energy” theme of the default wallpaper. They promise free Wi-Fi on board, free test-drives of Windows Vista, Xbox 360 gaming and lots of chatting about Windows Vista. They will demo several PCs running Windows Vista and showcase things like Ultimate Extras, speech recognition, Tablet functionality etc.

Some cool stuff is ready to give away,  and team is ready to answer the many questions too. The trip will start from Nashville, TN on 16 January, cruise along the week and be back to Nashville on 23 January. Spot the Vista bus and test drive Windows Vista.

Tip: Make your Windows XP look like Windows Vista right now.

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