How to Create Street View Like Interactive Business Tour

Google Business Photos brings together trusted photographers to help create 360 degree street view like panoramic interactive tours of your business. A interactive tour of your business premises not only wows your Google maps street view visitors, it also helps you showcase your business like never before, even before shopper actually visit your store.

If you use Google Street view and love it, imagine much your business visitors will love it if they can enter your shop and get browse around it with the same interactivity! Now you can get it professionally done for your business.

Google Business Photos

Google trusted photographerGoogle Business photos offers a simple process to promote your business. The first step is to hire a Trusted Photographer or Trusted Agency Рthese are Google certified based on their skill and competence to help you get an amazing photo shoot and then they can stitch the photos to get you the amazing street view experience for your business, which they will upload on Google+ Business.

Note these photographers are not affiliated with Google, but are certified by Google. Also note they will charge a fee for the photo shoot, which needs to be negotiated and can vary across different Agencies. If you check the list, you will also find that these professional photographers or photo agencies are only available in select countries and cities only, mainly in the US.

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If you are an expert in photography or your agency has the necessary technology, you can also apply to be a Business Photos Trusted Photographer. This business options is wide open right now for expert photographers. It will not only help you earn more by collaborating with local businesses, but will also help you get more business in future by being listed as a trusted photographer.

trusted business photographers

See this video to get a better idea

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