Update Manager WordPress Plugin : Check Plugins Versions

A new wordpress plugin promises to make updating plugins on your wordpress blog easier. It helps to ensure you always have all the latest bug fixes, security patches and gadgets. I wonder why no one thought about it before.

The Update Manager is a new WordPress admin plugin that helps you keep your plugins up to date. They say that since this plugin only displays information and does not modify your wordpress installation in any way, you can easily give it a try.

Presently when I need to check for WordPress plugin updates (an essential activity once a fortnight), I visit my Plugins page on WordPress Admin panel and click on the WordPress author pages (WordPress plugins I use) to look for any updates after matching the plugin versions. This plugin should make that task automated.

The comments on the plugin page show that the plugin is a little buggy at the moment, but I suggest you keep a close watch on its development. I am sure the WordPress guys will get in this functionality in future versions.

Recently I spotted that Weblog Tools Collection has started posting daily WordPress Plugin Releases which helps me stay updated.

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