Adsense Flash Gadgets : YouTube Video Ads for Gmail

Whenever Google Adsense goes testing, we see all kinds of strange Adsense ads like ads with favicons, checkout icons, google logos, no titles, and no “Ads by Google” and italics. Amit has spotted a new type of “Adsense Gadget” running on his blog, which is an “interactive Google Adsense Unit that shows text as well as YouTube Videos embedded inside a Flash Widget.”

He spotted the Adsense gadget which has an embedded Youtube player that serves the four videos of GMail Theater Ads directly from Youtube. The YouTube player is 250×200 pixels while the Adsense Ad size is 300×250 pixels. He investigated and found that the Adsense Flash widget is actually served by Lab Pixies and are redirected via At least Google is integrating all its services very well and all are complementing and promoting each other in newer ways.

We know about Flash adsense ads as well as video adsense ads. You combine the two and you get a cool interactive gadget. Maybe they have specially customized these ads to promote gmail (which opened registration worldwide without invitation recently). The fact that the Adsense ads look unusual will encourage visitors to try out the adsense gadget. If the feature is here to stay, them I am sure more details might become clear in future.

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