BlogBurst 100 Leaderboard : Top 100 Blogs Get Paid

BlogBurst, a Pluck service, is a popular syndication service that showcases your blog content on top online destinations like Reuters. Pluck Corporation announced the BlogBurst 100 for the fourth quarter of 2006, which is a list of the top 100 blogs ranked by audience views each quarter throughout the BlogBurst Blog Syndication network.

Visit the BlogBurst 100 Leaderboard. Bloggers included in this top list are eligible to receive compensation as a part of the BlogBurst Rewards Program. The leaderboard will initially pay the top 100 blogs in the BlogBurst network based on the number of total headline impressions each blog received across all the publisher web sites during the performance period.

A look at the payouts details show that the top blog will earn $1,500, reducing down the leaderboard, while the the bottom 20 (rank 81-100) will recieve $50 only.

The top five blogs of the BlogBurst 100 Leaderboard for the fourth quarter of 2006 include:

  • Celebrity Babies
  • Trendy Bands
  • Coolest Gadgets
  • Film School Rejects
  • A Socialite’s Life

I joined Blogburst, but there was no significant traffic boost. How has Blogburst impacted your blog traffic. Are you featured on the Blogburst 100?

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