Windows DreamScene : Vista Ultimate Video Backgrounds

Windows Vista Ultimate users have some more extras to enjoy that harness the power of the platform. The Ultimate team introduced the first range of Ultimate Extras this week at CES. The most enchanting feature is the Windows DreamScene which can place a moving waterfall on your desktop while you work…

Microsoft is finalizing testing of Windows DreamScene through a Technical Preview phase. You can select a video for your desktop background, or choose one of the included high-quality looping videos or use a video from a company that produces content for DreamScene or your own video as a background. Easily replace the stationary image on your desktop background to a video of your choice. Windows DreamScene supports only .mpeg and .wmv video file formats and video support requires a graphics card that supports Windows Aero.

Inside Microsoft reports that DreamScene was developed for Microsoft by StarDock, which also develops another top Windows add-ons called WindowsBlinds, and has years of experience making Windows look better. They talk of the free Stardock DeskScapes that extends Windows DreamScene with the ability to run .Dream animated wallpapers.

Bring your Windows Vista desktop background to life with Windows DreamScene today.

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