Digg Crosses One Million Users : Party in April

A link on the Digg front page can bring you thousands of visitors. Amidst the massive growth of Digg and their fight against spam and gaming, Digg recently crossed a million registered users. Just in December last year, Digg has crossed one million submitted stories.

While the Digg guys went about thanking you –

“I’d like to let this post serve as a thank you from me to you the Digg community faithful. You’ve not only made it possible for the Digg team to continue the Digg concept in new and exciting ways, but you’ve also driven us, with a sense of pride and excitement that genuinely makes going to work a lot of fun.”

They also mention about a party to celebrate their success milestone on April 19th in San Francisco. It is well known that several top Digg users shifted as Netscape Navigators for money and many are still converting. Techcrunch points out that this is a 5x increase year over year – In March 2006 they had just 200,000 registered users. In March 2005, less than 50,000!

Recently Digg turned two, made it difficult to cheat Digg, also banned some popular Digg users, and got a new web design. The amazing Digg tools collection continues to grow…

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