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Looking for Digg tools, hacks and services for a powerful Digg experience? Digg is a technology news website that combines social bookmarking, blogging, RSS, and non-hierarchical editorial control. With digg, users submit stories for review, but rather than allow an editor to decide which stories go on the homepage, the users do and thereafter Digg can act as an online traffic generator for your link.

Digg Tools
Photo by Steve0f

Diggnation is a podcast hosted by Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht that serves as a week-in-review of the most popular stories on the website Getting a link promoted on Digg can increase site traffic quickly. I am a regular visitor to Digg, and this is an attempt to combine all Digg tools in one place.

Official Digg Tools

  • Digg Toolbar – Displays Digg counts & comments as you browse around the web. You can also Digg and submit stories directly from the toolbar
  • Digg Spy v2 – autorefreshing real time view of Digg now with spying all stories, front page stories and queued stories.
  • Digg Q – Unpromoted digg stories. Similar to DiggSpy.
  • Digg the Blog – “a means to detail all digg-related news, events, upgrades, feature additions, and much more.”
  • Digg Search – advanced search for Digg stories.
  • Google IG Module – View recent stories from Digg on your personalized Google homepage.

Third Party Digg Tools

  • DiggSuggest New– a web-app that suggests new Digg-stories for you based on your previous interests.
  • Rigglations – is a Yahoo! widget that shows the relationships between members of Digg.
  • Diggthis – this Drupal module adds a Digg this button to your nodes.
  • Digg IRC Bot – reports newly listed front page stories into IRC.
  • PHPDugg – Allows you to run a site on a similar system to
  • Diggitizer – analyzes the most successful Digg titles and combines this knowledge with your keywords to create the fool-proof title to drive your entry to the very top of digg.
  • Digg Anywhere – another mobile optimized digg feed.
  • Diggless RSS Feed – a special feed that provides a direct link to the website, bypassing Digg.
  • DiggThumbs – firefox extension adds website screenshot thumbnails to the listings on
  • Jedi Digg – a toolbar docked at the top of your screen which displays the digg front page stories in rotation. You can directly digg the story from this toolbar.
  • DiggThumbs – a Firefox plugin that adds website screenshot thumbnails to each and every digg listing.
  • DuggMirror – automatically caches the URL of each story submitted to Digg. If a site goes down because of a server overload or for exceeding its bandwidth, you can use the Dugg link to access it.
  • Diggview – offers an overview of all current popular headlines in the different categories of Digg.
  • DiggGraph – AJAX application to have a “bird’s eye” look on the digg queue stories and see rapidly which stories are getting up to the front page
  • Digg Dashboard Widget – gets the latest headlines from every 15 minutes and displays them in a pleasant interface. Compliant with Digg verson 3
  • Digg SMS – Get the top 5 front page stories sent to your cell phone every few hours
  • Digg Notifer – notifies you the moment a new story appears on the front page of website.
  • Diggaz With Attitude – DWA is a program that displays the latest Digg and Google News articles in your taskbar.
  • DiggDesk – Read your favorite digg and reddit stories and watch youtube videos right on your desktop.
  • Digg Search Widget – Search all of Digg’s archives.
  • DiggUpdate – gives you quick access to the front page stories of Digg in your Mac OS X menu-bar.
  • Digg vs Dot – highlights the act of crossposting articles among and
  • PocketDigg – real time headlines from Digg formatted for mobile devices.
  • Digg Search Plugin – plug-in for firefox that lets you search digg for stories.
  • Digg Group – a collaborative event calendar for Digg users.
  • Digg Digger – useful Konfabulator widget grabs all the new stories submitted to digg area queue.
  • Digg Add Mirrors – Greasemonkey script adds mirrors to Digg.
  • Digg Newstracker for Winbar. Just download and rename the extention to .trk and place in newstrackers in your winbar folder.
  • Digg Top Stories – Google Desktop Sidebar plugin which displays the ten most recent stories from
  • Digg News Widget – gets news via various RSS feeds from
  • Digg at Cafepress – Tshirts, cups, bags!
  • Diggnation – collection of the diggnation episodes.
  • Diggnation Digging Game – for Diggnation fans looking to add more fun the podcast.

Suggest a Digg tool which deserves to be on this list…


  1. David says:

    There is also for Mobile users. It is formatted for PSPs, PocketPCs and Blackberry’s.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Digg newstracker for winbar

  3. alan says:

    Webpedia is the toolbar for perfect web explorer: give access to 5 rss feed: popular, digg front page news, furl most popular, hot spurls and webpedia blog. From the searchbox you can use several search engines: delicious, digg, furl, spurl, feedster, bloglines, google blogsearch, technorati, trovando (with over 3300 engines) and others.. Find new interesting software, website, blog, tools, music, news, games, video…. or suggest it to blog.

  4. Weston says:

    Here is Firefox sidebar I made for digg. USE THE LINK (don’t save) because it’s still in “beta” and I am working on many more features that will be added soon.

    Remember! Set the link to ONLY open in Firefox’s sidebar.

  5. yosef says:

    Traffic generator..?
    Interesting to learn, thanks

  6. Anonymous says: toolbar for IE, Firefox and Flock available at

  7. Troy Hutchinson says:

    I Have done a new version of the Diggnation Widget, set up to replace the previous diggnation widgets. Please added in the Diggnation Widget Version 2.0 at or Please note that unlike previous diggnation widgets, this allows you to do searches of from the widget, because I worked so god damn hard on that feature.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Digg Sidebar updated with new Address. Looks better!

  9. NotAPoet says:

    I made a new Firefox digg bookmarklet.
    Unlike the old one made by Weston Campbell, with this one you don’t have to type the url of the story in.

  10. elamb says:

    MAN, you don’t do anything half way. Do you realize that you have a FREE blog that is making insane cash?

    Great post, great blog.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Another one to add to the list (or .net). An Unofficial IRC channel on freenode with full digg rss feed syndication.

  12. Dustin says:

    Also, DiggUpdate. Link:

  13. Matthew Price says:

    Great list, my personal favorite is the Digg RSS Widget. One can never have too many ways to digg content.

  14. Anonymous says:

    DiggUpdate for OS X

    Access front page stories in your menu-bar

  15. mark says:

    Great links! It is quite useful. thnx :)

  16. Anonymous says:

    Checkout the mashup of Digg and

  17. Gino says:

    Great list, really useful. Digg it!
    Check out

  18. Anonymous says:

    Digg This – WordPress Plugin

    Digg this wordpress plugin is a plugin that detects incoming links from to your wordpress post and automatically display a link back to the digg post, for people to digg your story.
    When a digg is first recognized an email is sent to the sites admin

  19. Anonymous says:

    Here is a Digg tool I found. It displays the latest Digg and Google News articles in your taskbar.

  20. Jonathan says:

    please link the new Digg Search Widget to the creator’s webpage which has a lot more information than the gallery.

  21. Weston S. Campbell says:

    Here is a theme I made for DIGGDESK. It’s modeled after the Royale theme for Microsoft’s Windows Media Center Edition.


  22. Weston S. Campbell says:

    RSSDIGG. Might be good addition for your list!

  23. Weston S. Campbell says:


  24. WhoopJack says:

    FeedFlare that shows your Digg counts for your blog in your RSS feed with a link to the already dugg story or a link to submit it to digg if it hasn’t yet been dugg.

  25. John Nash says:

    Diggnation RSS reader has moved to

  26. Dave says:

    is a marquee tool people can put on their websites.

    examples: and

    it is also mirrored here:

  27. Pascal Van Hecke says:

    Have a look at these modified Digg feeds for direct access to the Digged pages:

  28. Lee Hord says:

    I already have an entry on your list for digg submit bookmarklet. I have recently updated it. The new link is

  29. Webmaster says:

    DocTray is a free RSS reader for your windows tray. It grabs feeds from the latest tech and medical journals: Digg, Slashdot, CNET and CNN as well JAMA and New England Journal of Medicine. Newer versions include an option to add 4 custom RSS feeds and to bookmark links in a favorites menu.


  30. Diviner says:

    Thank you very much. it’s useful for me

  31. shawn says:

    DocTray – an RSS feed reader for the windows tray. Built-in feeds for Digg, Slashdot and CNET news – customize with 12 additional feeds of your own. FREE!

  32. Rich says:

    Digg formatted for PSP (works).

  33. sk says:

    Digg Search Widget v2.00 has just been released and has a brand new digg v3 themes, digg v3 support, and tons of new features.


    Also for Firefox, IE, Safari, and Opera browser users here is a universal bookmarklet which will help submit stories to digg with one single click!

  34. mthorn says:

    Just made a simple Firefox toolbar extension just for digging. I found the other tools too bloated.

  35. comart says:

    let you read latest digg news on a simple layout. it displays HITS also.

  36. comart says:

    Check this out:
    Digg latest hot news with thumbnails.

  37. Prashant says:

    TechTray – new 16 feeds in one RSS Feed reader for tech sites – sits on your windows traybar. Download a free copy today.

  38. Ryan says:
    Works well for psp users.

  39. tont0r says:

    Here is my Digg Rss Application which I’ve named Digg Announcer. Written in C#, it sits in the System Tray and will make an announcment (Ala MSN or Gmail) when there is a new story. Also it will allow you to select which feeds you want to monitor, will let you know when there are multiple new stories, alert you when you were away a new story was posted, start on bootup, and more! check it out and let me know what you think! Thanks!

  40. Morgan says:

    There is also – another mobile optimized digg feed. Not only the front page, but every web page opened through this feed is mobile optimized. You can view comments too.

  41. says:

    Please add DiggThumbs to your list.

    DiggThumbs, a Firefox plugin, adds website screenshot thumbnails to each and every digg listing. Know what you are clicking on before you click it. Screenshots are dynamically generated by

  42. Troy Hutchinson says:

    diggth Widget –

    Formerly known as the Diggnation Widget

    Diggth is a widget set up for reading various RSS feeds.

    Feature included:
    – 3 Panel design (Top Pod, News Panel, Options Panel).
    – Optional display of News and Options Panels.
    – Options panel to allow for more dynamic feed selection (no more context menu. Preferences still used for update time selection, Username entry, and Top Pod Feed selection).
    – Search
    – Expandable item info.
    – About.

  43. Dustin Bachrach says:

    DiggUpdate now runs on Windows too.

  44. Unique Valentine says:

    Great list, my personal favorite is the DiggGraph. One can never have too many ways to digg content.

    Do you realize that you have a FREE blog that is making insane cash?
    Great post,great blog.

  45. Tropican8 says:

    Looks like you forgot DiggNotify and the actual Digg IRC bot:

    DiggNotify is much more polished than DiggNotifier, IMO.

  46. Kubelabs says:

    PHPDugg – PHP digg clone script

  47. Binny V A says:

    A Greasemonkey script for providing bookmarking option to Digg links…

  48. Bobby says:

    Unblock digg at school or work.

  49. chris says:

    another kind of digg tool, which pulls top stories, displays them along-side other social bookmarking sites, and lets you fetch past feeds,

  50. Mike Vitoroulis says:

    Great list. I’m curious as to if you could add diggmarks to the set. It would be greatly appreciated. :)

  51. yaph says:

    Diggthis a Drupal module that adds an interactive digg button to posts.

  52. Prashant says:

    TechTray – A tray tool showing Digg news and new stories as a balloon tip in your tray (optional).

    Download a free copy today.

  53. free playstation 3 says:

    Great list, my personal favorite is the DiggGraph. One can never have too many ways to digg content.

  54. listikal says:

    Excellent list of tools QOT. I cant’ get enough of Digg. I find that I must avoid it at work, because I’ll never leave the site. It’s well on it’s way to cracking the Top 50 sites on Alexa.


  55. estacado says:

    I’ve just made a Digg widget that shows the relationships between Digg members. It is called Rigglations. The link:

  56. Sam Oltz says:

    piggfeed (, formerly diggress, is the ultimate RSS 2.0 feed for It is designed to give the user exactly what he/she wants in an RSS feed and to save time and clicks. piggfeed automatically caches all active feeds so even when diggTM is “temporarily unavailable” you can still find the stories.

    Base Features:
    # each item links directly to the article
    # displays the domain of the article as the author, not the user who submitted it
    # display the current number of diggsTM
    # link to the digg page with the current number of comments
    # links to DuggMirror, DotCache, Coral Cache, and Google Cache

  57. Dude says:

    Thanks this is an awesome Digg resource. My favorite tool being the Digg Swarm, absolute knockout..

  58. pagfloyd says:

    diggTraitor – Identify the ‘unDiggly Fan’. Based on the Digg API, diggTraitor is windows-based desktop tool to ‘Identify the unDiggly Fans’. It’s a fun tool developed by me, to just explore the digg API and look at a funny side of it. Sort out fans who do not Digg your ‘most vaunted’ stories! Find it here:

  59. Jen says:

    Thanks for keeping this updated. It’s crazy how many tools there are!

  60. Iwo says:

    I made Blocr to provide a new way to browse digg’s missing picture section. Check it out!

  61. estacado says:

    I’ve just created a web app that shows a Digg user’s comments and replies/replyto.

  62. Robert Apple says:

    You know people have made functional Digg me! T-shirts at instructables with an updating counter every time they are Dugg

  63. Top Social Stories says:

    Check out this site, we update every hour with the top news from Digg, Slashdot, Propeller, and Stumbleupon

  64. Fyanime says:

    Yea…Digg is the best web 2.0 bookmarking tool =P

  65. active digger says:

    Hello! I’ve got a question.
    While searching for new friends by a city or country, is it possible to view recently active users only?
    Try going to “Friends” > “Add Friends” > “Search Friends” and then search let’s say “New York”. You’ll get like 1,676 pages of users and most of them are inactive. Is there a tool that would allow to search recently active users only?
    Thanks for help :))

  66. TrafficGuru says:

    Really cool list of Digg tools.thanx for your effort.keep updating

  67. Vrokolos says:

    DiggBeep – Hear your stories getting digged!

    DiggBeep is my new GUI program. It sits on your traybar and monitors your most recent stories. If you are a digg addict and want to know about your story’s appeal you’ll love this.

    DiggBeep will show you how many people digged each of your stories and how many people left comments using a simple MSN-like interface. You can also hear a sound when any of your monitored stories gets digged or commented while you do other stuff with your pc (Optional). All you have to do is run diggbeep and enter your username.

  68. Nick says:

    Good list of digg tools. Thanks for the resource. I have already checked out a good number of those links.

  69. chaca says:

    Great list, my personal favorite is the DiggGraph. One can never have too many ways to digg content.

  70. adam says:

    Thank you very much for this extensive list. I had been so desperately seeking for the better control of my Digging activities. Thank you again!

  71. smhacks says:

    I am looking for an app that tells me who diggs my stories, so hard to find and not in this list :(

  72. p@r@noid says:

    nice list and though comments helped me in better way to get more out of digg :)

  73. ken says:

    the digg tools is great provide easy indexing navigation for web surfers! Digg is a cool site!

  74. Mihalcea Razvan says:

    Thanks for sharing… maybe will be a good action to update the article with tools that are updated now.

  75. BadGirl98 says:

    I think you post makes the powerful point that in a age when people are using their brains to do all sorts of wonderfully useful things, appealing to subjective reality is no longer good enough. ,

  76. Parul Arora says:

    Awesome Work Done. I am thankful to you for the list. :)

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