Search with Kevin Federline : Celebrity Search Engines

Search With Kevin is a Yahoo! powered search engine that offers you the chance to win cool prizes from Kevin Federline every time you search. Its a way of rewarding fans for their loyalty and the prizes are a way of thanking them.

kevin federlineEvery day this celebrity search engine will pick random winning times and if you are the first person to search after the selected time, you win a prize instantly! You are limited to 20 qualifying searches per day and clicking on search results or sponsored links will not increase your chances of winning. Each household is limited to two prizes per month. If you did the winning search, you will be asked for your contact information and the prize will be sent out within two weeks.

You can seamlessly integrate your searches directly into your browser using the branded Search with Kevin toolbar and plugins.

Reminds me of Blingo, a similar Google powered search tool giving away prizes. This celebrity search engine buzz might get popular with fans, especially due to the incentive to get free celebrity stuff.

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