Panda Nanoscan : One Minute Online Antivirus Scanner

Panda Software has released a fast online virus scanner and malware detection tool called Nanoscan that scans your computer for viruses, spyware, trojans and other threats in a minute only!

Nanoscan is small, fast and powerful and can detect viruses or malware even if your usual antivirus software is active. They claim it detects more than 600,000 known malware samples. NanoScan can detect new threats not yet identified by the TruPrevent technologies developed by Panda. NanoScan is fast because it doesn’t need to download a virus signature file, as it accesses the entire Panda knowledge base online.

Once you start, you need to allow installation of an ActiveX component, and the total file size is only 400kb. Once it starts to scan, it finishes scanning your computer in about a minute. Remember Nanoscan works on IE only. To use on Firefox, you need the IETab extension.

NanoScan is designed to detect active threats that are running on your PC at the time of the scan. They advise the use of TotalScan to root out both active and latent malicious software.

It is unbelievable how they scan a computer in one minute, that is just too fast. But Panda Software is known for great security products and you can give it a try, just takes a minute…

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