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WordPress bloggers like to change their blog templates frequently, as it adds variety, gives an opportunity to fit in more stuff in those multi column sidebars and also because it is all possible in one click. Although I knew WordPress theme designers get lots of backlinks via the tiny link in the footer crediting the theme designer, the idea of sponsored themes with paid footer links was new to me.

Dosh Dosh suggests that in case you don’t have the technical skills needed to create a WordPress theme, you can still buy a footer link to your website in thousands of blogs through a successful wordpress theme sponsorship.

He suggests that you can privately contact specific WordPress Theme designers and ask if they could create a custom designed template that allows you to sponsor a specific link. You can also email specific theme authors who have a history of allowing sponsored footer links in their theme. For website designers, WordPress themes can provide a good source of income from wordpress themes.

If your wordpress theme is unique and truly outstanding, it can quickly become popular as the word spreads in various wordpress forums and blogs. A sponsored link at the footer usually stays along with the credit as per terms of the theme usage posted by the designer. This can easily generate thousands of backinks easily for the sponsor.

I guess this trend will catch on as this has a natural tendency to draw unlimited backlinks. Remember paid links are not encouraged by Google, unless they have a rel=nofollow tag. But are you willing to support a theme on your professional blog with lots of sponsored links at the bottom? I suggest everything in moderation works, but advertising and the love for more money tends to cross the balance at times…

Note: If you are in this to get on top of the Technorati 100 most popular blogs, then remember that though Technorati will count all your links, they will exclude you from the top list. Or else Alex King (with over 95000 blogs linking) would be on top of Technorati currently occupied by Engadget (with 27000 blogs linking back).

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