How to Search Faces with Google Images

I came across a wonderful tip which allows you to search for faces and portrait images using Google Image Search. Try searching for Paris (Hilton!), which shows multiple images related to Paris, the city, as well as Paris Hilton intermixed. Now try this face search, which shows you only images with Paris Hilton face photos. How to do this?

Google Blogoscoped got tipped from a Google engineer that

“And now, Google Images allows you to restrict your search to a specific category albeit in an unofficial mode only and one of these categories may well be powered by actual image recognition (as opposed to textual keyword analysis).”

How does this face recognition search work?

If the normal search url looks like this

Simply add &imgtype=face to the URL, and enter. Your new face search results will be displayed.

If you append &imgtype=news to the URL, the new results features images related to the news event.

This reminds me of Riya Visual Search, another cool face recognition photo search tool. Try out the Google Image Labeler and help improve image search results. I highly recommend you try out Imagery, a powerful alternative Google Image Search interface.


  1. Pramod says:

    thanks for this tip

  2. claudia says:

    I looked myself up with this tip…I was very surprised to find so many of me on the web! Thanks for the tip. –clau

  3. liam says:

    That’s pretty cool, never know about that. The Google labeler is fun to, but a little too addicting. To bad you don’t win anything :(

  4. shypys says:

    Thats one of those thricks which might be cool to know but are really of no practical use – thanks for sharing it anayways..

  5. YUSTIAWAN says:

    what a good tip…..

  6. Franz says:

    hi, for a good face search with a slick interface try (utilizes google at the backend)

  7. Change Your Life for Better says:

    Oh.. Then there must be several types of image searches. Who knows what will become helpful some day!

  8. sharoz khan says:

    Thanks dear, it is really very useful for me. Appreciate your work.

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