How to Search Faces with Google Images

I came across a wonderful tip which allows you to search faces and portrait images using Google Image Search. Try searching for Paris (Hilton!), which shows multiple images related to Paris, the city.

paris google search

Now try this face search, which shows you only faces of people named Paris like Paris Jackson or Paris Hilton face photos.Also you will note a new search option titled Face comes in view. This was not available in the search options above.

paris face search

How to do this?

A long time back Google started allowing Google Images to restrict your search to a specific category and harness the power actual face recognition technology. While now Google allows you to choose options below the search bars, is there a direct way to link to these search results.

Face recognition in Google search

If the normal search url looks like this

Simply add &imgtype=face to the URL, and enter. Your new face search results will be displayed.

If you append &imgtype=news to the URL, the new results features images related to the news event.

This reminds me of Riya Visual Search, another cool face recognition photo search tool. Try out the Google Image Labeler and help improve image search results. I highly recommend you try out Imagery, a powerful alternative Google Image Search interface.

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