NO WordPress or Word Press: Write WordPress Correctly!

How many times have you blogged about the popular free blogging tool WordPress without ever knowing about the correct way to write it (I am sure you still think I wrote it right). I have blogging about WordPress for a long time, and recently realized that the correct usage is WordPress (with a capital P).

This realization came from a post by Lorelle on writing good WordPress tips, where she says WordPress is a trademark and must be spelled appropriately.

This has been explained redundantly, so when I see a blog post with WordPress not WordPress and WordPress plug-in not WordPress Plugin, the article loses some of its luster. I try to ignore it, but it does score a bit against the credibility of the author who should know better. It isn’t a killer but it does downgrade my score for inclusion. Why? If their attention to detail skips the proper spelling of these words, what does that say for the information they are presenting. What little detail has been overlooked or ignored? Should I risk recommending something that might be flawed?

If you think that it is a difficult habit to correct, then try the Correctly Spell WordPress plugin that takes care of your pages and posts by correcting all the carelessly miswritten occurences of WordPress, in titles, posts, pages and comments.

Next time you write “Word Press” or “WordPress” – beware of angry WordPress bloggers on the lookout to correct you!


  1. Lorelle says:

    Not just angry WordPressers, but maybe some lawyers. Nah, kidding.

    The biggest hurt for those who spell WordPress and Plugins wrong is that it only hurts them, especially those who spell Plugins as plug-ins. The latter connects your computer to electricity. The former is for WordPress blogs.If someone is searching for Plugins, what are the odds that your post on plug-ins will be found?

    When you understand the importance of these, it’s amazing how fast you can overcome the habit. :D

    Thanks for spreading the word(s).

  2. QuickOnlineTips says:

    Lorelle, I confess that thanks to all this info I recently changed my category name from WordPress to WordPress. It feels so right now. :-)

  3. aj batac says:

    Is uppercasing and lowercasing a letter in a word called spelling?

  4. QuickOnlineTips says:

    Excellent point aj. I have fixed the title. Thanks.

  5. Satish Talim says:

    Never realized this. Thanks for pointing this out. I have fixed it now.

  6. Shankar Ganesh says:

    I’m trying to use WordPress as far as possible in my posts. I think I’ve gotten rid of that habit :D of writing WordPress incorrectly.

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