Google Sends Secret AdSense Online Advisory Council Invites

Google is sending out invitations to select top Google Adsense publishers to join the AdSense Online Advisory Council, a select group of publishers who offer input on new AdSense products and features and help to make them better.

Darren Rowse says emails were sent to an unknown number of publishers in the last 24 hours inviting them to join the secret council. He posts the excerpts of the forwarded emails.

“As a member of the Council, you will have the opportunity to:
– Contribute to a community of other respected publishers in the council
– Test new features and products before they are released to the general public
– Provide direct feedback to the AdSense team on how we can better serve our publishers”

Darren asked in DigitalPoint Forums if these emails were legitimate and not spam. Search Engine Roundtable says it is legitimate since the email was sent from, and he got a similar email in February 2006 from the same email address with the subject “AdSense Beta Council Invitation.” (Did he join?)

Did you get an invite to the AdSense Online Advisory Council?

Did you know there is a secret Google Display Advertising Network!

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