Request Microsoft Project Gatineau Web Analytics Invites

Microsoft Project Gatineau is a new web analytics tool coming soon to challenge Google Analytics and other traffic statistics tracking tools. They are allowing limited number of testers in the Project Gatineau beta and you can request an invite.

Ian Thomas, from the Microsoft’s Digital Advertising Solutions group, who deals with Gatineau points out that they have set up an online form that you can fill out to request access to the Gatineau beta program. Fill this form to request a Gatineau Web Analytics Invitation. Then you will be added to the Project Gatineau invitation list.

If you already have an Microsoft adCenter account, enter the e-mail address that you used to register with adCenter in the Gatineau form. If you don’t have an adCenter account, you will need to register for it as part of the Gatineau sign-up (after you receive the invitation), which means later you will then have to enter your credit card details and pay a one-time $5 fee!

Dave Naylor has leaked some screenshots of Project Gatineau. Ian had earlier suggested that Beta 1 of Gatineau will likely hit the web later this summer and clarified the source of the data. Microsoft Gatineau promises a interesting display of your site statistics, sign up for an invite…

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