4-Column WordPress Themes for High Resolution Wide Screens

Why would you use a 4-Column WordPress Theme? As monitor screen resolutions get wider, bloggers are expanding the width of their blogs to fill in more content, widgets and advertisements. A new trend of 4 column wordpress has started and bloggers are switching as 3 columns are failing to meet requirements of more clutter above the themesfold.

Wordpress 4-Column  Themes

I also switched from a 2-column to a 3-column theme to fit in more content above the fold. And believe me it has really helped me fit content more easily than the 2-column theme. Now 4-columns are also worth a look.

As I quickly checked by traffic statistics, I found that 8% users use 800×600 and 1% use 640×480 resolutions. Which means if my blog width crosses 800px width, 9% users need to use the horizontal scrolling to see the entire blog, which is a bad user experience. Though flexible widths can deal with this, with increasing columns this is not always possible and fixed width designs might not fit in lower resolution screens. screens.

The WordPress theme viewer reveals few 4-column wordpress themes. The most downloaded theme there is RAW 3.0 as per their logs. Mashable has also compiled a list 20 great, hand-picked WordPress themes with four columns.

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