Display Google Adsense on “Allowed Sites” Only

What happens when some site banned by Google copies your content, along with your Google Adsense codes and displays ads on their site. Google would not be too happy. Now you can identify the URLs that are allowed to display Google ads for your account.

Login to your Adsense account, go to Adsense Setup > Allowed Sites – and you can choose your whitelist sites and either allow all sites or list specific sites. Once you activate your listed sites, ads will still show on other sites, but impressions and clicks will not be recorded, nor will you earn any money for those clicks.

What was the need
to create a Allowed Sites list?

“We’ve added the Allowed Sites feature because we’ve learned that some AdSense publishers are concerned about potentially malicious behavior from others on the web, such as stealing their ad code and placing it on an inappropriate site. By offering this feature, we allow AdSense publishers more control over which sites or URLs can have their AdSense code.”

It will take a few hours for the changes to take effect. Remember, you will not receive earnings if other sites list them, so be sure to keep your list up to date. Determine all your domains that host Adsense ads and list them. If you do not change any settings, by default, they allow any site to show ads for your account.

However, Amit is not setting Allowed sites, and explains some valid reasons for the same.

“A part of traffic coming to this site originates from Google/Yahoo cache (when the main site is inaccessible), online translation services like Babelfish (for non-English visitors) and from proxy servers (where the site may be banned). And some social sites / web directories display external content inside frames. With Adsense Whitelist in place, you miss an opportunity to monetize this indirect traffic.”

Of course if someone is misusing your Adsense publisher ID, then you have to enable the features. In normal circumstances, will you set Allowed sites for your Adsense account?


  1. Dj Flush says:

    I agree with Amit :) he has made good points

    Using Adsense Whitelist is like potentially killing your adsense revenue especially when your site is visited through proxies or other indirect sources

    But the problem is that if our Pub ID gets abuse now Google has a very nice excuse to kill our account.

  2. Vijay says:

    This is one of the way Google wants to protect publishers from fraud clicks and impressions. But still publishers are worried if any competitor is clicking the ads to ban the adsense account in this case Google doesn’t have any solution!

  3. Ashish Mohta says:

    Why doesn’t Adsense make a fraud click detection. This will solve half of publishers problem and save a lot of manual tracking google does. They have enough resources to come with their technology.

  4. Jenny says:

    Getting a msg …Orkut is banned while opening orkut

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