How to Join, Split, Cut, Sort, Mix, Mash Multiple RSS Feeds

I have been playing around with Yahoo! Pipes for some time now and have found it an amazing tool to customize multiple feeds in any possible way you like. I have now joined the feeds of all our sites and sourced it through our main feed. Here is how it works …

Join, Split, Cut, Sort, Mix, Mash RSS Feeds

Yahoo! Pipes is a very powerful composition tool to aggregate, manipulate, and mashup content from around the web. I was looking for a simple yet powerful and reliable tool to add, join and remix all feeds from our blogs – our main blog, our tumblelog and status blog. Using Yahoo pipes not only could I join these feeds, I could truncate them to the number of posts I wanted, sort them by date, split them, and there are so many functions and operators that I could create any combination possible. I am still tweaking the way I can make the feed better.

Here is how our Quick Online Tips Pipe looks like now.
Quick Online Tips Yahoo Pipe

I simply grab the RSS feed of the Yahoo Pipe and source it through our main Feedburner feed and now readers can enjoy the content of our multiple feeds in one popular, already subscribed feed. Amazing!

If you have multiple feeds and want to mash them in any possible way you can think of – I highly recommend you work on Yahoo! pipes right now.

Update: Digital Inspiration has a nice screen cast video tutorial for this


  1. Davinder says:

    I tried this, it is realy good and easy. However, is there any option to show images in the feed result. I do get images in original feed!

  2. QuickOnlineTips says:

    Davinder – I am getting images as it is in the new feed created. Maybe you can play with the options.

  3. Aseem Kishore says:

    Hmm I just read how to do this exact same thing on Digital Inspiration two days before you posted it!


  4. QuickOnlineTips says:

    Aseem – I have been using Yahoo Pipes for last few months now and experimenting with it. So there is no source reference as such.

    I just checked your reference, and Amit has indeed posted a nice video showing this, which I have added to the post which makes this process simpler for newbies. Thanks for letting me know.

  5. jyothsna says:

    how to sort rss feeds

  6. dandel says:

    Hi there.

    Hi have two blogs with wordpress, and I wish to make a unique rss feed for my readers, because I don’t want theme to sobscribe two feeds. This way, I can make them arrive the articles published in the two blogs with an unique feed. And when they subscribe either of my two blogs, they subscribe to an unique feed.

    Do you know if I can make it with Yahoo! pipes or some other service? Thanks.

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