Swimmer Amanda Beard is New GoDaddy Girl

GoDaddy is not only famous as the #1 domain name registrar, but also popular for their controversial and famous GoDaddy girls. Remember the buzz by GoDaddy girl Candice Michelle (Nikki Capelli) in the Super Bowl commercials. Recently the GoDaddy auditions were open and they have launched ace swimmer Amanda Beard as the new GoDaddy Girl.

Amanda Beard Godaddy Girl Check out the Amanda Beards weblog at GoDaddy.com where you can catch up with her.

“She is now considered a superstar in the world of swimming and beyond. Amanda is one of the most sought after models of the Olympic movement. In fact, Amanda was the most downloaded female athlete on the Internet for 3 straight months in 2004, surpassing Anna Kournikova, and Askmen.com named her Female Model of the Week in December, 2004.”

Visit more Go Daddy Girls like Danica Patrick, Valerie Thompson and Candice Michelle. GoDaddy has created a lot of hype by their popular GoDaddy girls and the controversial Superbowl ads, but it has helped them gain publicity to sell domain names. So you thought that GoDaddy was only a domain name registrar. Buzz sells…

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