How to Create Long Urls

How to convert short to super long urls? I was recently emailed a rather long url by a friend and when I clicked on it, it redirected to my site! Though there are so many services to make a url shorter, there are web services to make urls longer and larger than you can imagine.

Here is the url of our site

huge url

Clicking on that url takes you to! This url is created by a service called, in which you enter your url and you can create this very long url to amaze your friends.

Problems with long urls

But remember that long urls posted directly without hyperlinking into blog comments can often break the blog template (so I sometimes edit blog comments to hyperlink such long urls). Also many form fields may not allow urls beyond a particular length and cut off the url after the limit – leading to a 404 url. Also long urls posted directly tend to break spaces and make the url 404 again.

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  1. CompuWorld says:

    this was funny.. :)

    till now my friends used to avoid reading my blog but now when I will post such kind of URL on my orkut profile than I am sure many will be reading… ;)

  2. Vijay says:


    You do say that you edit comments for these long URI’s. I would recommend the Chunk URLs plugin to prevent that..

    It simply shortens anything beyond the comment area boundaries!

  3. Affiliate marketing guide says:

    Pardon me if i am being thick but what are the benefits of having a long URL?

  4. zx says:

    i use

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