Free Branded Custom RSS Reader for Your Readers

Snarfware lets you giveaway a private custom RSS reader with your blog RSS feeds preloaded to your readers. Snarfer is a free feed reader and RSS software to read, search and manage RSS feeds. Will your readers download it?

Snarfer Free custom RSS reader

Check the Custom Snarfer for Publishers that lets web publishers provide a custom RSS Reader (powered by Snarfer) to give their readers for free. Besides the usual features of a feed reader, the benefits they highlight is – A default locked tabbed window (locked = cannot be closed) that loads with your site on startup. This enables you to generate more page views and helps promote your RSS feeds.

A private branded custom RSS reader for free seems unbelievable? Snarfer incorporates a small 180×150 ad window in the lower left hand corner of the reader and generates its operating revenue via this advertising window. Here are some screenshots.

Hey! They created a custom feed reader for Scobelizer. Contact them to create a free branded RSS reader for your site too. They require you to promote your custom reader to your readers. Snarfware will host the file, serve the downloads and provide free support.

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