Easy PHP Code Snippets with WordPress Help Sheets

Need a wordpress cheat sheet to quickly browse the various wordpress php functions and advanced coding to tweak your wordpress template and web design? The wordpress help sheets are a must have for all wordpress users.

WordPress Cheat Sheets

WPCandy has prepared cool wordpress help sheets which will help wordpress newbies and wordpress experts alike. Available as PDF downloads, they are packed with useful tip and codes for wordpress bloggers. Spot

First out was the WordPress Help Sheet that includes the following:

  • Basic Template Files
  • PHP Snippets for the Header
  • PHP Snippets for the Templates
  • And Extra Stuff for WordPress

It is available as a PDF download packed with PHP snippets, the basic template files, and other cool stuff for WordPress.

Now they have released the Advanced WordPress Help Sheet, loaded with PHP code snippets that extend WordPress capabilities. Aimed for more advanced WordPress developers, it includes snippets from Styling Different Categories, Unique images for Different categories, styling individual posts, to Dynamic Page Titles and more are on the way….

I found some cool wordpress hacks there and am preparing to add some unique styling to my categories and popular articles.

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