Google Adsense Referrals End for Most International Publishers

If you are an Indian blogger trying to promote Google Adsense and hope to make some extra money via referrals, its sad news that Adsense is stopping Adsense referrals outside of North America, Latin America, and Japan! And the referral rate has also dropped to $100!

Reduced referral income

Previously they had modified the Adsense referrals terms and made the referral program very lucrative to publishers.

  • Refer someone to AdSense who makes $5 within 180 days – earn $5.
  • Refer someone to AdSense who makes $100 within 180 days – earn $250
  • Refer 25 people who make $100 within a 180 day period – bonus $2000

As per the new scheme, Any referred user who earns $100 within 180 days of signing up after the change occurs will only generate $100 in earnings for the referring publisher. I remember my first $250 via the referral and it was a huge incentive to keep promoting Adsense. Now many publishers will be demotivated.

Only for North America, Latin America, and Japan

For us even the referral income drop is of no issue, as we will not be able to promote Adsense any longer. For publishers outside North America, Latin America, and Japan, they will end the Adsense referral program by January end. Soon the option to create a referral button for AdSense will disappear and its time to start replacing any existing referrals promoting AdSense with referrals other products

Remember you can still generate referrals for the other products listed under the ‘Referrals’ section of your AdSense Setup tab like the Google Pack, Firefox etc.

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