Find Top Keywords Sending Search Engine Traffic to Competitors

Do you wonder which keywords send targeted search engine traffic to top websites. Optimizing your keywords to rank higher in search engine result pages is a basic search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. Do you know a free service lets you find all that data in minutes….

Find Top Keywords of Any Site

Compete Site Analytics lets you find the top keywords that are sending search engine traffic to your competitor websites. Now you can build search engine marketing campaigns and drive site traffic as well as increase sales. Discover new keywords you should be bidding on and find the gaps in competitors’ search strategies.

Simply enter any website name in their forms and get a list of their top 5 keywords. Check the section under Search Analytics: Top Keywords. Below are the sample results for –

Search Analytics

Here are some sample reports for some Technorati Top 100 sites – Techcrunch, Lifehacker, Mashable, Engadget, Problogger, Boing Boing …

You can also check the top keywords for top sites like Yahoo, Google, Microsoft, Digg, WordPress, Twitter, Stumbleupon …

A limitation is you cannot check subdomains, which means keyword statistics are not available for and blogs. I have been checking these keywords and the lists seem to update daily with new keywords for many sites. Find out which keywords drive traffic to your site…


  1. Lana says:

    How interesting! Gone checking. Thanks!

  2. rambhai says:

    wow thats preety cool bro btw can you explain me in depth the functioning of search engine optimization process~~that would be helpful i mean i know what it is i jus dunno how its done~~~

  3. Glowicki ProBlogger says:

    Yes this is usefull. Google adwords tool mainly is good to check which words are best keywords and whats concurence on them. Combined with google labs to check how many people seek for it, is almost success 100% :)

  4. Rodzi at says:

    superb site, you’ve got a lot of tips for us the newbies.

  5. Kevin says:

    Good tool to consider, when analyzing seo competitors, I use it along with Compete Analytics:

    they provide the top traffic driving keywords to competitors in member area.

  6. Wizard says:

    Thanks for that great tool. I think its going to help me analyze my own website to check what keywords send me more traffic, so that i can work more on them. Thanks again.

  7. Nino Natividad says:

    Wow.. thanks for this share. This is one of the greatest tools I’ve seen so far.. :)

  8. zahid rouf says:

    Very useful post . thanks for sharing. :)

  9. Urban Roo says:

    I also like to use Mozbar for chrome.

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