Find Top Keywords Sending Search Engine Traffic to Competitors

Do you wonder which keywords send targeted search engine traffic to top websites. Optimizing your keywords to rank higher in search engine result pages is a basic search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. Do you know a free service lets you find all that data in minutes….

Find Top Keywords of Any Site

Compete Site Analytics lets you find the top keywords that are sending search engine traffic to your competitor websites. Now you can build search engine marketing campaigns and drive site traffic as well as increase sales. Discover new keywords you should be bidding on and find the gaps in competitors’ search strategies.

Simply enter any website name in their forms and get a list of their top 5 keywords. Check the section under Search Analytics: Top Keywords. Below are the sample results for –

Search Analytics

Here are some sample reports for some Technorati Top 100 sites – Techcrunch, Lifehacker, Mashable, Engadget, Problogger, Boing Boing …

You can also check the top keywords for top sites like Yahoo, Google, Microsoft, Digg, WordPress, Twitter, Stumbleupon …

A limitation is you cannot check subdomains, which means keyword statistics are not available for and blogs. I have been checking these keywords and the lists seem to update daily with new keywords for many sites. Find out which keywords drive traffic to your site…

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