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10 Best Google Gadgets For Your Blog

Here are Google Gadgets to add to your website for increased functionality. Google Gadgets are mini tools that offer cool and dynamic content that can be placed on any page on the web. Though you can Google gadgets to your iGoogle page, Google Desktop, Blogger, and Page Creator, its even cooler to show off Google gadgets on your own site. There are some very cool gadgets out there, and here are some of my top picks in random order.

10 Best Google Gadgets

1. Countdown – Counts down to a user specified date. Customize it to countdown to any blog event, contest closing date, poll closing date, blog anniversary etc. Here is another one with text only display. Keep reminding your visitors and never miss a deadline.

google gadgets

2. Google Translate My Page – Gives you a quick dropdown menu to allow non-english readers to select their native language and translate the page using Google translation services. You can also get more gadgets with language flags. This is a good way to make your blog multilingual and get read by a wide international audience.

3. Digg Top 10 – Discover the best news, images and videos as voted on by the Digg community. You can customize your Digg gadget by topic, and view more story information, such as comments and a friend’s activity feed. Share interesting content rocking the web right now. You can also add Google News or BBC News.

4. Slim RSS Reader – Lets you add a custom RSS feed to display on your blog. Enter the RSS feed, number of items, title and you are done. Customize more with Simple rss reader or support multiple feeds with CustomRSS. Display feeds from your favorite blogs or topical categories in your sidebar.

5. YouTube Gadget
– Display the top YouTube videos on your site, and let visitors browse around the Youtube site as well as play the videos without leaving your site. If sharing videos is your style, you need this now. Also try Google Videos.

6. Google talk – Everyone has a google account mostly via gmail and if your visitors are logged in, this gadgets lets them see your contacts online right now and send them instant messages. You can publicize your gtalk id and chat with your readers.

7. Photo of the Minute– Grabs a new latest photo from Flickr. Remove the photo info to optimize the size better. There are lots of gadgets that can rotate an interesting photo, graffiti, captions or cartoons. Try the National Geographic daily photo, Photos from Flickr etc.

8. Google Calendar – If you mark your blogging events on a Google calendar and share your public calendar, then why not add it to your blog and publicize the events you track. Grab this official widget and never miss a event.

9. Dilbert widget – Dilbert cartoon strip is a daily read that will bring a smile on your visitors face. Grab the official widget, resize it and load the daily Dilbert color comic strips and ranking. Or opt for a random Dilbert strip.

10. Date & Time – Some people like to place a widget displaying the date, time and calendar. Add a clock to your page. Click edit to change it to the color of your choice. Narrow the width to remove the calendar.

How to add a Google Gadgets?

Select the gadget you like, click the “Add to your webpage” button, edit the Display settings, Click to “Preview changes” and the click “Get the code” button to generate the HTML. Copy and paste the HTML into your webpage’s source code and behold and surprise your visitors. Remember that most gadgets can be easily resized by dragging the window from the bottom right corner, before you decide the final size.

Got more time? here are all the Google Gadgets For Your Webpage. Let me know of other gadgets that deserve to be listed here and I will add them.

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  1. Syahid A. says:

    Google Translate My Page is the most useful of the above, IMHO.

  2. AG. Syam says:

    Thanks for sharing the gadgets. BTW, your site is vote for Top 25 Blogs About Blogging.

  3. Abhisek says:

    I think Photo of the minute is cool.

  4. Allen Jae says:

    Thanks for the gadgets. i willing to have more please.

  5. raj says:

    Simple yet very informative article for aspiring bloggers like me. Thank you!

  6. venkat says:

    Nice info ,I am wondering which gadget to add to my blog after your post I have got idea,but adding more widgets does slow down the loading of pages please reply

    • youtindia says:

      no not at all it will slow it down only a bit maybe for a second not more than that don’t bother about it

  7. Professional Lab says:

    I like the first one. Countdown and Dilbert is also matched for my

  8. dan says:

    Can you take a look at our gadgets? I think we do some of the best photo gadgets in the Google directory and would like to spread the word.


  9. EDIDIONG says:

    It’s simple yet informative & educative article for aspiring bloggers like me. Thank you!

  10. Gadgeteer says:

    I like the Digg 2.0, gadget.

  11. Daniel Chege says:

    As an experienced web designer, I encourage you to incorperate some of these 10 Best Google Gadgets For Your Blog or website, especially GOOGLE TALK and the SLIM RSS READER.

    Your customers and chat,talk or interact with you via camera and at the same time you can always keep them updated with what is going on with your website without them visitng your site.

    – Daniel Chege .

  12. Daniel Chege says:

    As an experienced web designer, I encourage you to incorperate some of these 10 Best Google Gadgets For Your Blog or website, especially GOOGLE TALK and the SLIM RSS READER.

    Your customers and chat,talk or interact with you via camera and at the same time you can always keep them updated with what is going on with your website without them visitng your site.

    – Daniel Chege .

  13. Lois says:

    Why not one that tells you how many people have viewed your site?

  14. Peter says:

    Very Good!

  15. Charles Rinehart says:

    This is a great blog. I have over 30 Google blogs. From travel, movies, ebay tips, emergency car equipment, etc. I will be adding more gadgets after reading this. Thanks for the help. All the best.

  16. amanda says:

    add them to a blog is difficult

  17. Lee says:

    fantastic gadgets great idea to make your site that more interesting

  18. liza says:

    wow its wonderful..

  19. BloggerGeeze | Blogging Tutorials says:

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  20. Lucinda Kiddy says:

    I followed your blog for three days and I must say that I begin to love your message. How do I subscribe to your blog now?

  21. Claire says:

    Thank you for sharing the google widgets on your site. I’ve have just seen them from this site and these are very useful. Thank you!

  22. Inaam says:

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  23. Rajesh Kumar says:

    I found Google Translate very useful. Thanks for the list.

  24. Saurabh Kejriwal says:

    The Google Website Translator Gadget was the best among all.
    Thanx so much for the gadget

    Keep adding new gadgets.

    I have REQUEST:
    Can you please add a gadget by which my online readers can email me any suggestions or messages instantly.

  25. hamida says:

    I think game gadgets are gooooooooooooooood!

  26. G.N.R.S.U says:

    I NEED “Google Translate My Page ‘ MOST

    Thanks for sharing !!

  27. Tigran says:

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  28. Tech Frill says:

    photo a minute is quite attractive and i would say its worth trying

  29. rags07 says:


  30. Inna Reddy says:

    Link for Slim RSS Reader is not working Could you please update this.

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