Free Business Listings on Google India Local Search

Can your customers find you on Google? You can add free business listings on Google India Local Search and get free publicity for your business and help customers find you easily. Google is inviting Indian business owners to call them at 1-800-419-4444 (in India only, for Indian-based business) or SMS “register” to 09900800000, or add your listing yourself.

Did you know that 97% of consumers look for businesses in their local areas. This not only helps them find what they need in their local neighbourhood, but they also prefer to get search results with additional features which can help them. It’s a win-win situation for businesses, since they can add their business, location, services provided, and also promote their business with advertisements.

You can create separate listings for each of your business locations, or send a data file for bulk submissions. Promote your business for free today… I tried finding coffee in Delhi.

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