How to Get Single Underline Links in Kontera Ads

Kontera is a popular in-text advertising service and the ads show as double underlines under text. However, many sites are displaying single underlines under these links and the secret is out…

Several websites have revealed that a new Kontera code does the trick.
var dc_single_line = 'yes';

Single Underlines will definitely blend better if your site links have single underlining by default. This will surely lead to higher click rates and higher Kontera earning. But it will confuse your readers, who will be led to ads instead of your suggested links and accidental clicks will surely inflate the advertiser billing. In-text advertising is already considered by regular readers as intrusive, and this kind of blending will not be welcome by them.

WARNING – Although this code is pasted all over the web in forums and websites, you need to contact your Kontera account manager if you can use this code and single underline your ads (or they could ban your Kontera account). I think Kontera will allow this only on websites where webmasters use CSS to remove link underlining, and here single underlined ads would still stand out, and I think CTR would still be better!

Update: Vered from Kontera gives the official view that Kontera does not recommend using single underlines for  ContentLinks as it leads to ads confusion and do not authorize making this change.

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