How to Get Single Underline Links in Kontera Ads

Kontera is a popular in-text advertising service and the ads show as double underlines under text. However, many sites are displaying single underlines under these links and the secret is out…

Several websites have revealed that a new Kontera code does the trick.
var dc_single_line = 'yes';

Single Underlines will definitely blend better if your site links have single underlining by default. This will surely lead to higher click rates and higher Kontera earning. But it will confuse your readers, who will be led to ads instead of your suggested links and accidental clicks will surely inflate the advertiser billing. In-text advertising is already considered by regular readers as intrusive, and this kind of blending will not be welcome by them.

WARNING – Although this code is pasted all over the web in forums and websites, you need to contact your Kontera account manager if you can use this code and single underline your ads (or they could ban your Kontera account). I think Kontera will allow this only on websites where webmasters use CSS to remove link underlining, and here single underlined ads would still stand out, and I think CTR would still be better!

Update: Vered from Kontera gives the official view that Kontera does not recommend using single underlines for  ContentLinks as it leads to ads confusion and do not authorize making this change.


  1. ContentLink says:


    My name is Vered and I’m from Kontera.

    Thanks for mentioning that a Kontera rep needs to be contacted prior to changing ContentLinks into a single underline; however, I wanted to further clarify our policy in this regard.

    Kontera does not recommend using single underlines for our ContentLinks, since users viewing a webpage will not know which link is an ad and which is a real link to an article. We do not want to confuse or mislead users and therefore we do not authorize making this change.

    Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any other question or comment about Kontera’s products and Services.

    Publisher Services Manager

  2. QuickOnlineTips says:

    Thanks for clarifying the issue Vered. I was wondering why do you support this var dc_single_line tag if you do not authorize it. Is it allowed for some select premium publishers?

  3. Olin Coles says:

    We recently put Kontera ads on and found that the double-line ads worked better to avoid accidental clicks. Using single underline links would irritate readers who might think that its a link to part of the article.

  4. web hosting says:

    well i also wanted to get single links because my blog in on wordpress and it doesnt underline my links so there will be no confusion for visitors and afterall they are not chirkut they undestand what are ads and what are not they will simply reject if they don’t want to go to it.

  5. says:

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  6. Marzuki says:

    Thanks for share, i hope i can make money from Kontera.

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