Indexed by Google in 2 Minutes!

Google is indexing our posts faster over the last few weeks. I noticed earlier that Google reader is instantly indexing our articles in seconds, and now Googlebot is indexing our articles in a few minutes… are you noticing a similar trend?

Get indexed by Google in Minutes!

To record my observations, I kept searching Google and refreshing for the last article I posted, and truly within 2 minutes it was added in the Google index.

Indexed by Google

I guess the Google pagerank 6 has a lot to do with faster indexing, however, the site has been PR6 for over a year now (unless you count the PR3 penalty and the PR6 rebound) and I have never witnessed such fast indexing by Google. I guess they are tweaking the Google algorithms and somehow integrating it to get latest links with the Google blogsearch engine which is usually pinged when a blog post goes live.

I checked and other search engines like Yahoo! still have not indexed the post. Also note that in Google Webmaster tools, Googlebot is set at normal crawling speed since the last month (after I had slowed Googlebot down) and is not set on the faster crawling mode (will that mean instant indexing by Google!).

Getting a backlink from a high PR site is a SEO tip often suggested to webmasters for getting a new site indexed by Google within a day. Check how fast Google is indexing your site by pasting the latest article permalink url in Google search. Are you getting Google indexed in minutes?


  1. DeFries says:

    I have been using Windows Live Writer when posting a lot lately. I have set it to ping a bunch of pingservers – google being one of them – and even with a pagerank of 2 I have noticed being indexed within 20 minutes sometimes.

    How does that relate to this you recon?

  2. Lana says:

    I have a question: what is a correlation between Google bot and indexing, if any?
    My articles appear in a search sometimes within an hour, sometimes – in a day. And a PR6 site linked to me a few times.
    Thanks for the advice. I’ll try pasting the latest article’s url in Google search to find out exact indexing speed.

  3. Tinh says:

    It is amazing as I have never heard about this as my blog took nearly a week to be indexed when I type my keyword. What is the tip?

  4. QuickOnlineTips says:

    Then maybe pagerank has a lot to do with it.

  5. Syahid A. says:

    I agreed with the pagerank factor. Seems logical that Google indexed the most likely source first.

  6. Forumistan says:

    Wow, that is awesome! Googlebot loves this site a lot :)

  7. palmettoequipment says:

    Yeah…just received a google alert in a little over a minute after posting today…

  8. Tama says:

    Great tips, but how to find a PR6+ to exchange links with our new sites?

  9. Albert Diones says:

    hmm not true, I think Page rank isn’t the reason why it is being indexed fast, I also have a blog which has no page rank but still indexed as fast as you said,

    If I got it right, WordPress blog platform has something to do with it

  10. Girish says:

    Nice tips…..guess they aint out-dated or they have changed their algo’s……….Keep up the good work bro

  11. Justin says:

    Thats awesome.

    You have to wonder if PR helped the fast indexing or the frequent and speedy indexing helps the PR, or both. I know wordpress is very seo friendly as well and the bots seem to like to crawl them thoroughly

  12. Justin says:

    Gotta be a combo of PR and frequent indexing. Both have to have some correlation.

  13. Rachel Hubbard says:

    Good tips! Although, I’m still having trouble getting indexed. Any suggestions??

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