Instant Blog Updates to Google Reader!

I have been noticing instant updates of our blog posts to Google Reader for over the last week. I publish and within seconds its instantly indexed on Google Reader… did they tweak the tools? Have you observed it too?

The usual cycle is I publish a WordPress article, which gets pinged to Pingomatic (though I could try the WordPress pinging lists too), then feedburner bot comes crawling our feed and gets updated, then Google Reader pays a periodic update check to the feedburner feed and gets updated… this process usually took 15-60 minutes earlier.

Although I shifted from Bloglines to Google Reader, I always envied the fact that Bloglines RSS aggregator somehow managed to grab my articles faster than Google Reader. But since last week – I publish and its crawled. Amazing!

Google seems to have tweaked the settings of the entire mechanism, all of which is incidentally owned by Google – from Feedburner to Blog Search Engine to Google Reader. Are your blog posts getting indexed instantly by Google Reader?


  1. ReviewSaurus says:

    PC/ things have improved and it happens for me too. However, my other low page rank blogs take time to update. However my reviewsaurus blog gets updated pretty quickly

  2. OldSailor says:

    You are right. Google Reader indexes it faster than email delivery.

  3. Pratheep says:

    It takes at lest 3 minutes for my blog posting to appear in google reader.


  4. Denise says:

    It’s funny, I am having serious issues with reader. It takes 3 hours for my posts to be published in reader, unless I pre-post and publish in the wee hours of the morning.

    I would gratefully love any insight as to how to change the publishing speed into reader!

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