Now Plants Can Twitter for Water!

Can you believe that plants can send Twitter messages when they need water! Some people devised a way your plant can twitter you anywhere in the world when it falls short of water supply…

BotaniCalls is a service that opens a new channel of communication between plants and humans. Botanicalls allows plants to place phone calls for human help, such that when a plant on the Botanicalls network needs water, it can call a person and ask for exactly what it needs. Instead of using an automatic watering system, they have developed methods for plants to text or email people for a more personal relationship.

BotaniCalls TwitterNow the team gives you step by step instructions on how to create a twitter enabled plant response system. The system code provides five different status updates, based upon current conditions – When the moisture level of the plant’s soil drops below the satisfactory threshold, it will send a status update that the plant needs to be watered. Any rapid rise in soil moisture will be detected as a watering event and the plant will then determine if the soil moisture has risen to the desired level for a proper watering and it will twitter its thanks.

Now that is a unique way of using twitter. How many plants are you following?

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