Google Penalty Removed: Pagerank Updated PR3 to PR6

Around 3 weeks back our Google Pagerank dropped from PR6 to PR3. The blogosphere was abuzz as the pagerank crashed for several top blogs across the internet and the Google penalty was attributed to selling text links. Today the Google toolbar is again showing PR6 for QOT!

Though we have not been selling paid text links (had used TLA a few months back) or paid link paragraphs on high PR pages or any other hidden links, our site met with the Google penalty. Though the search engine traffic remained same as before, the Google toolbar and pagerank tracking tools displayed a clear drop from PR6 to PR3.

I had filed a Webmaster Reconsideration Request in the Google webmaster tools and requested a review of our site, clearly telling them that no paid text links or hidden links are currently sold on our site. I assured them our site was compliant with Google quality guidelines. I guess some Googler had a look and fixed the issue and the Google toolbar is displaying PR6 again. This is possibly the best Blogger gift I can get from Google.

I checked Live Pagerank for PR across Google datacenters, and they all show zero. Similar is the case with other Pagerank checking tools. SEO Roundtable has noticed that multiple third party applications that check PageRank are broken.

It seems another Google pagerank update is in progress or maybe Google is manually fixing affected sites. Have you got your pagerank back?


  1. Mike - Twenty Steps says:

    The irony out of all of this is that as I view your page there is a dirty great big ad for Text Link Ads in your sidebar…powered by Google.

    Congrats on getting back your PR but I do have to seriously question just what it’s really worth any more. Big G created the monster, they then wanted to kill the monster but now it seems that the monster is actually OK provided it works out for them…

  2. Dario Salvelli says:

    Also i have the PR to 0 and i don’t sell links, don’t use TLA!

  3. weirdoux says:

    Man.. that’s great, but one of my blogs just dropped to PR1/10 from PR3/10. there;s nothing we can do. just wait and see. by the way, i also glad that the rest 7 of my blog still in a good condition.

    congrats to you!

  4. dott-com says:

    If selling TLA get penalized by Google, how about the TNX system. Can you give some answer. Just curious

  5. QuickOnlineTips says:

    Google has clarified how you can make text links Google friendly. Any system not passing pagerank in a hidden manner is ok for them.

  6. Shankar Ganesh says:

    Congratulations, you really deserve PR 6 considering the massive content you’ve put on this blog :)

  7. Dj Flush says:

    Congrats PCHERE :)

    I got a PR 3 for Sizlopedia but I think I deserve at least a PR 5 lol

    I have even removed all text link ads.

  8. QuickOnlineTips says:

    Thanks everyone for your support and wishes.

  9. Thilak says:

    I removed TLA, but didn’t receive my pagerank back. I guess, I’ll have to wait a little longer

  10. Joe says:

    Glad that you got your PR back. :)

  11. Google penalty says:

    WOW, congrtz, I also do something to remove google penalty for my blog now:>

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