Paid Text Links Paragraphs on High Pagerank Articles [Trend]

Now advertisers are willing to pay premium advertising fee for short paragraphs of multiple paid text links on selected high pagerank articles on a lifetime or yearly basis.  This popular advertising trend has emerged lately, but as Google is penalizing sites for selling text links, this will be another challenge for them.

Short paragraphs with paid text links

Unlike site wide text links in the sidebar, advertisers target selected few high pagerank pages and customize a paragraph of text and paid text links related to the content. The links are obviously not labelled rel=nofollow to pass pagerank advantage. It is difficult to detect such paragraphs as they seem to be related content to the article and are not clearly labelled as sponsored content.

Here is an example I spotted somewhere
Paid Text Links

Advertisers make the offer extremely profitable to bloggers, since a huge fee is paid on a one time basis (E.g. if someone offered you $1000 for such a lifetime paid paragraph on your two most popular PR7 articles, will you be tempted?). However, the major drawback (which probably discourages most bloggers) is that these paragraphs stay on a yearly or lifetime basis (after all the advertiser also needs a good deal!). With Google dropping pagerank of sites selling text links, many bloggers are removing paid text links after the monthly contract is over to please Google, but what will bloggers who have accepted such lifetime paid paragraph offers do?

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