Airtel USB Modem Software Drivers for Windows Vista

I use Airtel USB modem to run the wireless internet connection on my laptop. Till a few months back, the supplied software supported Windows XP only, and I kept hoping Windows Vista drivers would eventually arrive. Frustrated with the inability to use wireless internet on my new Windows Vista notebook, I checked with the Airtel dealers, but they informed Windows Vista is still not supported.

Use Airtel USB Modem on Windows Vista

Airtel USB ModemWindows Vista, the latest Microsoft Operating System, was released a year ago and most softwares now support it. Its surprising that Airtel has still not officially released any Windows Vista drivers to support wireless internet connections. I tried installing the provided software (just in case!), but the Airtel USB modem will simply not install on Vista. The system requirements on the website still show Windows 2000 / Windows XP only.

Wireless broadband internet is the future. India is a highly competitive market for selling internet connections, with the market being dominated by top companies like Reliance, Tata Indicom, MTNL, BSNL, etc. I had chosen Airtel since they were the only ISP to offer a Rs.999 unlimited download offer. Others had a limited bandwidth or pay per hour deal. So I decided to buy the expensive Rs.5000+ USB Modem. I preferred it over the similar costing Airtel PCMCIA data card which could only be used on a notebook. The USB modem can be used on any computer after installing the software (web enable any computer, anywhere in India!).

Well so how do you use the Airtel USB modem on Windows Vista. My friend who was stuck with a similar problem was suggested by an Airtel employee that the software was available on the Airtel website. Download it here (look for the download software link on that page).

I downloaded the software (I could trust it for the only reason it was hosted in the official Airtel site), and though it alerted me once that my modem was ‘not fully supported’, it was better than ‘not supported’. The installation went without any problem. The internet connection is stable and averages a little less than 128kbps. Maybe the official announcement for the new software will be out soon. Till then be assured that this article is going live via a Window Vista notebook powered by an Airtel USB modem… so I guess it is working. [Tip by Rajesh].

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