Google Adsense Status Page Tracks Known Issues

Yesterday Google Adsense had a huge lag in updating data for earnings, clicks, and impressions. As the confusion spread across the blogosphere due to lack of any official response, they realized the need for a status page to report downtimes and other known issues.

Google Adsense has now presents their Known Issues page, that will list of currently known AdSense issues and possible work-arounds. Status pages are a great idea for top sites to inform users and visitors about technical errors and downtimes (Even QOT has a status blog!)

Some issues live right now are-

Reports not being updated with current data. Last Updated May 6, 2008
Issue: Reports are taking longer than usual to generate, and aren’t showing complete data for earnings, clicks, and impressions.

Unable to import existing ad units to the ad management feature. Last Updated May 6, 2008
Issue: The ‘Import AdSense Unit’ feature, which converts old ad code to new manageable ad code, returns users to the ad management menu instead of generating new code when you click ‘Submit and get code’.

When I noticed my low Adsense ad impressions yesterday, the first thing I did is check my hourly traffic statistics to look for significant web hosting downtime which can lead to low pageviews and poor ad impressions. But that was all ok. Then I checked out the buzz in other forums and it was a buzz everywhere…

As Google engineers investigated the issue, my earnings data are fixed. Yesterday and today’s earnings are reflecting correctly (in fact a little higher!). Check your earnings and next time you notice a strange Adsense technical problem (besides strange adsense ads!), simply visit the known issues page and see if it affecting everyone.

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