ReadAir: Desktop Client for Google Reader

I always wanted to use my favorite RSS aggregator Google Reader as a desktop client, but it was available online only. Check out ReadAir, an OSX themed Desktop Client for Google Reader, and experience a new way to read your feeds.

Readair works on both Mac or Windows and was built with Adobe Air. If the Googly design bothered you, then welcome the sleek Mac OSX design. ReadAir will allow full synchronization with Google Reader Account, let you manage tags and subscribe / unsubscribe from feeds. You can also search your feeds and resize the viewing pane.

I installed Adobe Air and then installed ReadAir. It was all a smooth installation, and in minutes all my feeds were in ReadAir. Then I realized that ReadAir still needs more work to give me the full Google Reader experience.

Firstly all feeds were unread, which is expected once you import to a new reader client, but there was no unread count. Then I realized that my favorite shortcuts do not work and I cannot read more than 20 articles per feed. I checked my own feed, but could not see embeded Youtube videos, the feedflare was gone and I could not star or share the articles. Autologin is good, but I am still figuring out a how to logout.

ReadAir is hosted on Google Code and the creator is aware of the drawbacks and is working on the todo list. I see a lot of potential for this tool if all Google Reader features can be incorporated well enough. Remember that this ReadAir has an Auto software update feature and hopefully new versions will fix several of these issues.

Maybe Google Reader will release its own desktop version, different from Google Desktop that will let Google reader fans power up their desktops with more feeds..

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