10 Best New Features in WordPress 2.6

WordPress 2.6 is now available for download and promises some excellent new features which will enhance your WordPress experience. Check out this list of features and I am sure you will download WordPress 2.6 right now.

Best new features of WordPress 2.6

Post Revisions– If you liked auto-save, this new feature allows you to view who made what changes, and when, to any post or page through an easy interface and lets you restores the post to earlier saved versions. Multiple authors working on the same article have something to rejoice.

Press This bookmark – I love the way Tumblr allows us to quickly post content on our tumblelog of photos and videos. WordPress grabbed the idea and now you have the same functionality here. Images and video codes preloaded. Do I hear Tumblr fans shifting…

Turbo Mode – Gears is a tool that creates a ‘Local Server’ to cache or keep a copy of commonly-used Javascript and CSS files on your computer, and this can really speed up the loading of your admin pages. You need to download Gears to work this.

Theme Previews – Selecting the new wordpress theme no longer sends it live on your blog. Now the theme preview mode lets you see how your site will look like with the new theme and then publish it live at will.

Image captions – Now you can add small caption titles beneath the embedded images, which will make more sense about what your image reveals.

New Avatars – No need to display blank Gravatars for your commenters. Opt from a variety of different Identicons, Wavatars and MonsterID. Now that should see more usability of avatars on blogs.

Secure remote publishing – To post to WordPress from a desktop blogging client or remote website that uses the Atom Publishing Protocol or one of the XML-RPC publishing interfaces, you must enable it now as it is switched off by default. Hooray to better wordpress security.

Plugin update notification – No need to keep visiting the plugins tab to find if new plugins updates are available. A small bubble indicates the number of plugins with updates. Also the active and inactive plugins are now separated and can be selected by Shift-click together.

Word Count – Do you get paid for writing 500 word posts? No need to keep pasting in Microsoft word to get the word count, WordPress will keep the count for you.

Reorder Galleries – Change the order of images in a gallery simply by drag and drop and it is no longer ordered by upload pattern.

Paginated Themes – Dreamhost 1-click wordpress installs 50 wordpress themes by default – now you can view the themes by page, which brings some order to your themes and loads faster too.

What are you waiting for – Download WordPress 2.6 now.

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