How to Create a Free Mobile Site in Minutes

Many people access your site using mobile devices and bloggers need to maintain a mobile version of their site so that their blog appears navigable and professional to mobile site visitors. Mofuse is a service that will help you create your mobile site in minutes.

First, you can check out the new mobile site we created for QOT.
and for iPhone users

Mofuse Free Mobile Site Version

Mofuse has been around for quite some time, so what’s changed? Mofuse has discontinued the Professional version of MoFuse and has passed these paid features to every MoFuse account for free!

So the goodies you now get for free are
– You can keep 100% of your revenue generated from Google AdSense or AdMob mobile ads.
– Use a custom domain name for your mobile site – which will keep visitors on your site and great for branding
– Use your logo in your SMS widget – Great for branding again
– Create up to 5 mobile sites – Depends on the number of blogs.
– Receive 50 free SMS messages a month to promote your mobile site!

Setting Up Custom Domain Name

We use Dreamhost and creating a custom domain on our site was easy. Simply go to “Manage Domains”, then select the “DNS” of the domain name you want to edit. Add a custom DNS record to that domain name (using CNAME) and in a few minutes your mobile site will display from your domain name.

Change DNS Settings

Why m? Because that seems to be the most common subdomain that mobile users look for to find the mobile version of your website.

Customise Your Mobile Site

Then you can set up php redirection code to redirect mobile users to your mobile site, set up mobile site logos, customize your site CSS, add a logo and lots more to create a mobile friendly website.

You can also display your QOR code – is a bar code that can be scanned by most camera phones and read using a QR Code reader, which links to your MoFuse mobile site. Here is what our QOR code looks like.

Have you set up a mobile site for your blog? Do it now.

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About the Author: P Chandra is editor of QOT, one of India's earliest tech bloggers since 2004. A tech enthusiast with expertise in coding, WordPress, web tools, SEO and DIY hacks.