Cuil Search Engine Challenges Google

A new search engine called Cuil launched today and claims to index over 120 billion web pages. Sporting the same clean look with no advertising, Cuil challenges the biggest search engine Google in the search engine game.


Google says the first Google index in 1998 had 26 million pages, by 2000 they crossed the billion mark and now Google is indexing over a trillion pages! Considering a new search engine indexes 120 billion pages is impressive indeed. But will it deliver the accurate and in depth search results that Google is famous for. With Ex-Googlers behind Cuil, it surely promises to be a good search tool.

I tried to test some sample keywords and Cuil crashed… “Due to overwhelming interest, our Cuil servers are running a bit hot right now. The search engine is momentarily unavailable as we add more capacity.” Like all first day releases, the peak traffic is difficult to bear by most servers, especially when you are out to challenge Google.

However, in intermittent uptimes, the 3 column layout was refreshing, as was the related categories and the clean ad-free interface (how long?). I was able to test out a few keywords and a search for “quickonlinetips” on Cuil did not show our site in top 20 results (no point looking further…), while a search for “Quick Online Tips” was the top result. Google shows our site as the first result for both queries. Hmm…


  1. DWiner says:

    It’ll be too long before something can take over Google. It’s not the coz they pioneered the arena of search engines, but the fact that their programming algorithms are too good, as I’ve read in a few articles elsewhere.

  2. James says:

    I like the LOOK of Cuil but 1)the name is stupid and not too easy to remember and 2)c’mon, it’s GOOGLE you’re talking about… you may have $33 Million to play with but that’s chump change to them.

  3. Mike says:

    I tried to search for my site and there was a ton of listings before mine and my logo was displayed next to some many listings that werent mine and to top it off my logo was displayed for my listing it had some credit card company’s logo instead. they have a long way to go.

  4. Evan Snyder says:

    I toyed around with Cuil the other day and was prompted to write an article on my website when I discovered that Cuil can’t find itself in it’s own index. Overall, interesting idea but they have a long way to go…


  5. Hammad says:

    i really like the look of CUil but the relevancy of results are pathetic. i searched for a few simple terms and it gave all sorts of weird results taht were not related to what i searched so i dont think it can compete google in any way..

  6. Doug M says:

    Google gave yahoo a much-needed run for their money when it became the “big thing” – now Google needs to be put in its place as well. I think Cuil looks promising and does seem to have a uniqueness that could be infectious.

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