10 Reasons to Prefer Feedblitz Email over Feedburner Email

Feedblitz and Feedburner are two services which help readers subscribe to any blog or website. While Feedburner is a Google owned free service, Feedblitz is an ad-supported free service. But the little text advertisement that Feedblitz places at the end of its mail does not make it second to Feedburner.

In fact, Feedburner is a RSS Service provider with email delivery as an option, whereas Feedblitz is a dedicated email delivery agent. Being a dedicated service makes Feedblitz much better to Feedburner and this article illustrates the reasons.

Feedblitz Email vs. Feedburner Email

Here are 10 reasons why Feedblitz Email Delivery is better than Feedburner Email.

1. List of Posts:

Feedblitz email includes a list of articles at the beginning of the Email. This list can tell the reader what articles are included in the email. The subject of the email will give a count of the number of posts (this can be removed if necessary). Every reader might not be interested in all the articles that are posted on any website. This linked list helps readers choose their favorite article easily. In the Feedburner email all the articles are stacked one over the other. So finding the right article is little difficult.

2. Search Option:

Feedblitz email includes a search option in the form of a link right at the start, with which readers can search the blog. This option is unavailable in Feedburner. Readers might use this search and it would bring readers to other contents in the blog.

3. Links to Previous Posts:

Feedblitz email includes a list of previous posts. The publisher can configure the number of previous posts to be included (maximum 10). This linked list is included at the end of each mail and would definitely attract readers to previous articles.

4. Unique Subscription Options:

Feedblitz Email Service provides Multiple Subscription options which are unavailable in Feedburner. For instance, with Feedblitz you can subscribe via Skype, Twitter and Instant Messengers like Yahoo!, Microsoft Messenger and AOL Messenger.

5. Star Rating:

Readers of Feedblitz email can rate the article within the email using the Stars at the end of each post with just a click. An article which is highly rated will generate interest in other readers.

6. Feed Domains:

Feedblitz has introduced a new service called Feed Domains. Every Feed is assigned to a sub-domain and readers can subscribe by visiting that domain. Though this costs $9.99 per year, Professional Bloggers can use this service, since it gives a pro look to the subscription link. The domain will look like yourblog.feedblitz.com

7. Reader Tracking:

Feedblitz, being a dedicated service, includes variety of tracking options. Publishers can get a detailed report of which readers visited their blog online and thereby track reader activity.

8. Newsflash Service:

A Feedblitz publisher can send an email to all subscribers via the Newsflash Service. This means that all the readers will receive an email from the subscriber even without updating his blog. This can be used to send timely updates to the readers without publishing it on the blog.

9. Auto responder Service:

A Feedblitz publisher can assign a group of emails which are to be sent to a new subscriber once he confirms his subscription. This means that new Subscribers will receive a bunch of emails automatically on confirming his email, in addition to the updates which arrive when the blog is updated. For example, this service can be used to send some must read’ articles to a new subscriber and he can start reading right away.

10. Publisher can see his Subscribers:

With Feedblitz the publisher can see who all are subscribing to his feed. The publisher can also block a specific email address from receiving email. This can be used advantageously to block doubtful and unwanted subscribers.

A publisher would definitely want both email subscription and Feed Subscription via RSS to be available for his blog. So Feedburner cannot be missed out. But the coolest thing is that, Feedburner and Feedblitz can go hand in hand.

The email delivery section of Feedburner provides an option to collaborate with Feedblitz. Publishers will even the get the Feedblitz email subscription form (html code) directly from Feedburner. Also Feedburner can track the number of Feedblitz email subscribers and this count is included in the total Subscriber count. So by using the Feedblitz email service and Feedburner Feed Delivery Service, a publisher will get the best of two worlds. Good Luck!

This guest article is written by Arun Basil Lal from Million Clues!, a blog which deals with Technology, Blogging, Tips and Tricks, Photography, Reviews and related stuffs. Got some tips to share, you can also write a guest article on QOT.


  1. Ultimate Blogging Experiment says:

    You can see your subscribers on feedburner.

  2. Multi-Monitor Computer says:

    Man, I’ve been learning all kinds of cool stuff since I’ve been reading your blog. I’m going to try Feedburner though, because I would like to converge it with my google account (ith all my other services). Can you do that?

  3. deuts says:

    If only we could have these additional features ready for feedburner.

  4. Arun Basil Lal says:

    @ Multi-Monitor Computer

    Use Feedburner as the main service. Feedblitz as the email syndication service. As you might have read, Feedblitz can converge into Feedburner and Feedburner into your Google account.
    Good Luck

  5. Analyst says:

    How can one shift subscriber base from feedblitz to feedburner. I am considering shifting and today I saw a peculiar phenomenon where my subscriber count went down by 300 with any subscriber desubscribing. Any clues. Feedblitz guy donot even respond. Please tell complete procedure for shift.

  6. Arun Basil Lal says:

    There is no real resaon to shift from feedburner. If you wish to burn your feed, there is an option in feedburner to use both feedburner and feedblitz hand in hand

    if you wish to import your feedblitz subscribers to feedburner, export them in feedblitz and them import them in feedburner. The subscribers will need to reconfirm again.

  7. Andrew says:

    What a great post with lots of interesting info! I’m really keen to implement what you mentioned in your comment above:

    “Use Feedburner as the main service. Feedblitz as the email syndication service”

    Unfortunately I’m having real trouble working out how to go about this (google search, feedburner support and feedblitz support all aren’t helping). If you could point me in the right direction on how to do this it’d be most appreciated.


  8. Daniel Gibbons says:

    In theory Feedblitz is great, but I have not been able to import my subscriber list. After repeated attempts through their web interface, I emailed the list to Feeblitz. They said they would upload it manually, but since then I’ve heard nothing, and they haven’t responded to my follow-up emails.

    I really just wish that Google would start offering an email list upload feature in Feedburner again. I have about 3,250 email subscribers and would love to stop paying Campaign Monitor for the daily broadcasts we need to do.

  9. Arun Basil Lal says:

    @ Andrew: I liked Feedblitz email support because, once when my newsletter was not working well, I sent them a mail and they replied to it in 2 hours and fixed the issue. Thats was impressive then. This was 2 years ago when I started blogging and didnt even know how to setup a feedblitz account. Things might have changed now.

    I didnt get what you meant by this (google search, feedburner support and feedblitz support all arent helping). I am most pleased to help you, just tell me what it means.

    It would be highly appreciated If you would contact me on my email (arunbasillal at gmail dot com)


  10. Arun Basil Lal says:

    @ Daniel Gibbons : I just visited you site, and you have a RSS Feed in action, from Feedburner. Hope the problem is resolved now. Thanks

  11. TheAnand says:

    Came here looking for a review, good one Arun. I think I will start my email marketing with feedblitz :)

  12. Arun Basil Lal says:

    Anand, you never told me that you were here,
    I am glad that you liked it. Thanks QOT

  13. BarryG says:

    Does the integration still work? I went to set up mail on a feedburner feed and it gave me no option for using anything but feedburner mail (which means no list upload). The only thing I found on the boards was something about not getting to use the functions if you were signed in under a google login (?)

    Where can I find the option to use feedblitz for mail?

  14. Vinod Kumar says:

    11. Make summary of feed in email subscription via feedblitz

  15. Rahul says:

    now, i realize feedblitz is better.

  16. Penny Stocks to Buy says:

    Feedblitz Email is better, IMHO. Usually I don’t bother with feeds but when I do have the inclination I think Feedblitz is better.

  17. Eril says:

    Hello, I have problem with feedburner, Email Delivery is not working for almost 2 weeks. Anyone know is why? and what should i do to resolve it?
    Anway, I have 3 other sites already burned in the same account and never have problem so far, except the delay of course.


  18. Phil Hollows says:

    @Eril: Use Feedblitz instead.

  19. ketu says:

    How can one shift subscriber base from feedblitz to feedburner. I am considering shifting and today I saw a peculiar phenomenon where my subscriber count went down by 300 with any subscriber desubscribing. Any clues. Feedblitz guy donot even respond. Please tell complete procedure for shift. thanks.

    • QuickOnlineTips says:

      I think you will need to send confirmatory emails to all users again, and many never sign up again. Its better to keep the older users on Feedblitz and start a new form with Feeburner.

  20. Trailers for Sale says:

    If only we could have these additional features ready for feedburner.

  21. Patrick says:

    umm…how do I subscribe to this site using FeedBlitz?

  22. Sunil Sheoran @ TechTipsDigital says:

    This is a great tip! I am fed up of Feedburner’s ways of handing email subscribers but love it’s RSS functionality.

    I will try to use FeedBlitz for email on your recommendation.

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