Mystery of the Dropping Google ‘O’

How can you break the Google logo and make Google drop an ‘O’. Well someone decided to have fun with Google search and found the search operators which could achieve this Google hack.

SEOmoz explains how it is possible

After doing any kind of search, you can append the “num=100” parameter to the query string to get 100 results instead of the default 10. Another useful parameter is the “start=990” that takes you to the last page of the results, without having to click through to the end.

To make this work for you, just add &num=100&start=990 at the end of the search url in the location bar of your browser for any search result and you too can drop the ‘O’ from the Google logo.

The normal Google search logo looks like this beneath any search.

Add these parameters and break the Google logo.

Try it yourself and see the difference.

Figure out why this Google hack works?

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